WordPress Lite Plugin Feature

something for everyone

Avartan Slider has plenty of dynamic features and also is simple and fast to use. This is the best choice for you, whether you are someone running a site who wants to make a great first impression with beautiful photos or someone making website for clients, you wont regret installing Avartan Slider.

Fully Responsive

Avartan Slider provides fully responsive layout with any devices, whether you are using Desktop, tablet or smart phones.

All-In-All (Cross) Browsers support

Avartan Slider provides all major browser support like Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera etc.

touch & swipe navigation

Avartan slider is providing touch and swipe navigation that makes your navigation much ease and smooth.

SEO friendly

Avartan slider is fully SEO friendly slider plugin in WordPress. No need to worry about SEO stuff.

Drag & Drop Editor

User can easily build a slide by drag & drop elements like text, image, video elements.

Minify JS and CSS

Minification of JS and CSS will remove loading time.

Slider Background

Avartan slider provides features of slider background like background color with opacity.

Slider Shadow

Avartan Slider provides shadow on slider.

Slide Layout (Fullwidth & Fixed)

Avartan Slider provides slide layout like full width and fixed layouts as user can use the Avartan slider for any choices.

Autoplay Slider

Avartan Slider provides slide autoplay features as next slides will show automatically.

Slider Pause on hover

Avartan slider provides features for pause slider on hover.

Slider Preloader

Avartan Slider provides 5+ Default CSS3 loaders and user can Upload your own loader.

Enable/Disable Arrows

Avartan Slider provides enable/disable functionality.

Enable/Disable Bullets

Avartan Slider provides enable/disable functionality

Slider Navigation arrows

Avartan Slider supports 8+ CSS3 navigation arrows.

Slider Navigation Bullets

Avartan Slider provides 8+ CSS3 navigation bullets.

Slider Timer bar

Avartan Slider provides timer bar for slider.

Disable Loader

Avartan Slider provides option to disable loader

Animation & Transition

Avartan Slider provides 6+ Interactive Slide Transitions and 12+ Animation Effects for elements.

Slide Custom CSS

User can add custom css for individual slide.

Duplicate Element

Avartan slider provides the feature to duplicate each and every elements.

Delete Slider, Slide, Element

User can delete slide, sliders, element or all elements at a time.

Slides Sorting

Avartan slider provides the feature of slide sorting.

Preview Slide only for Desktop

User can preview each and every slide at the time of creation and modify it and save valuable time.

3 Type of Elements Support

Avartan slider supports text/html, image and video element.

Element Design ToolNew

By using element design tool, you can easily change font size, font color, background, etc.

Youtube, Vimeo and Self Hosted HTML5 Video Support

Easily add YouTube or Vimeo video by url or video id and full width video support and its settings.

Slide Background

Set background color and image for a single slide.

Default 5+ Slide PresetsNew

Avartan Slider provides presets to design slide in few sections.

Preview Image for Video

User can preview image for video.

Element Attributes

User can add element attributes like ID, Classes, Rel, Title for better SEO.

Slide Attributes

User can add slide attributes like ID, Classes, Rel, Title for better SEO.

Element custom CSS

User can add custom css for specific element in slide.

Shortcode Method

User can Copy and paste slider’s shortcode into your page/post.

Quick Shortcode Method

User can Auto-add shortcode from WYSIWYG editor.

Widget Method

Add slider to one of your theme’s widget areas.

Advance element settings

Avartan Slider allows to set advance element settings options.

PHP Method (advanced)

Add slider to one of your theme’s template files.