Responsive WordPress Slider – Avartan Slider v1.3 is here

Responsive WordPress Slider - Avartan Slider

Last month we had released the new update of Avartan Slider Pro v1.2 with a varied collection of background alternatives such as patterns, color overlay and much more. Today, we are happy to announce the latest release of the Avartan Slider Pro v1.3. With this update we’ve tried to streamline various aspects of the experience as well as added a cool new features for Avartan Slider users.

Everyone is always looking for an attractive and elegant design for their website slider presentation or their online portal. One of the most important thing after web design and presentation, call to action activities. Button Element in Avartan Slider feature help you to boost your users to engaged with your website.

A slider with good look and feel make a difference to your targeted audience. You can check screenshot below to see the new element.


We have add one more feature option with slider settings called ‘Random Slide’. As web users are looking for new things when they glance at your website. By using this feature, you can enable to display your slide using random slide in Avartan Slider.

Yes, this one is only starting point of big update. Want to check another good collection from v1.3??

We’ve added the slide name functionality with slide listing. so you can easily identify what’s included in that particular slider. You can now give related name to slide same like Slider and also edit/update that slide name any time.

Sometimes you may have number of slides with one slider including test slides and you require to disable that test slide from slider instead of permanently delete those ones, so that slider do not display on front-end. Yes, I am talking about Active/Inactive slide support with slider.

Overall to play with slide name and active/inactive slide add more value to easily manage slide and sliders.

We have few more new features but let’s start with real time problem.

The Problem: If one want to create duplicate slide used in another slider or want to move a particular slider to another slider, then it becomes tedious task in earlier version of Avartan slider .

The Solution: To overcome the bug in earlier version, Avartan slider upgrade with facility to Copy/Move slide to any slider. So that unnecessary chaos has been gone away.


Another time saving feature – Automatic Update. We are always looking for automatic update instead of going to member area and download latest copy of purchased product and replace/overwrite with current one. but now we have added that support for Avartan slider PRO version.

More updates – bug fixes..

Here’s a full rundown of the updates in version 1.3:

  • Background Image Update with Live Slide Preview
  • Background Image Position with X and Y axis
  • Resolved: Slide Preview issue for Image Element
  • Custom Loader upload improvements
  • Fixed default width issue in Drag and Drop Builder
  • Update WP Color Picker with Opacity
  • Added more security with files

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