Now is the time to practice yoga

Now is the time to practice yoga

Body, mind, and spirit – the perfect balance between these three entities is the core aspect of yoga. With the world all set to celebrate the international day of yoga, June 21st gets a whole new meaning in the yearly calendar – a day dedicated to finding the perfect balance between the body, mind, and soul.

We all hear about yoga as a great form of exercise and weight loss. What most people don’t realize is that this 5000-year-old form of exercise is actually a holistic lifestyle waiting to be rediscovered. Providing instant gratification with a lasting transformation, yoga has the capacity to change your mental and physical self while providing the mind and body with long term health.

Yoga For All Ages!

Unlike other sports that focus on niche clients, you can feel included and accepted by following yoga, no matter what your level of skill, flexibility or age is. With the popularity of yoga increasing all over the world, many gymnasiums offer yoga classes to their clients. You can even find yoga studios in your city where you will be taught to learn and practice the art of breathing and meditation through yoga asanas. With no age limit, yoga treats every person with the same generosity. Be it 10, 25, 55 or even 95, yoga is a practice that can be performed by the weakest, strongest and most aged of people, helping them cleanse their body and mind from the inside by finding positivity and focus.
Yoga for Health and Fitness

It’s no new news that yoga is a great form of exercise that helps you stay fit and focused. But that’s not all to it; there are many benefits of practicing yoga as a healthy lifestyle. Studies show that the practice of yoga in daily life over a period of time helps in eliminating many health ailments like high blood pressure and diabetes. Through meditation and deep breathing while performing the asanas in yoga, the mind shifts the focus from the chaos in the world and finds mental peace and tranquility which helps regulate the blood pressure and makes the body more alert and focused while relieving stress. This results in lowering elevated levels of blood sugar and blood pressure thus, making you healthy from the inside out. Yoga asanas have been designed in such a way so as to alleviate body pains of various kinds through stretching and twisting. These asanas also help alleviate digestive problems and strengthen the nervous system.

Boost Up Your Stamina and Flexibility!

When it comes to increasing your strength and flexibility, there is hardly an alternative to practicing yoga. Since time immemorial yoga postures are known to strengthen your body from inside and increase your stamina commendably. Even a rigid body turns out to be immensely flexible by the aid of increased lubrication of the ligaments, joints as well as the tendons. Moreover, by improving the muscle strengths around the spinal cord, it is deemed to improve the overall functions of the body, which is why it if known to be highly effective in combating shoulders, neck as well as back pains.

Muscle Toning By The Aid of Power Yoga

An advanced form of yoga, known as power yoga, which is adopted from the Ashtanga yoga or power yoga itself, is known to amplify the body muscles. Even though, it requires tremendous energy, dynamism and focus, it is deemed to develop the weak and flaccid muscles into toned up strong muscles. Power yoga, is known to use isometric exercises alongside the other postures to balance the spine, which forms the basis of the overall body health. It is needless to say, that it requires breathing, moving as well as posing simultaneously to develop a completely new form of discipline in the body.

Don’t Just Look Good, But Also Feel Great With Regular Yoga Practice

By the aid of the regular stretching exercises and holding the posture constantly, the body gains a slender and confident look even in case of a beginner. Moreover, the regular stretching, improves the basic metabolic rate, leading to a permanent relief from constipation, acidity or IBS. However, it is ideally recommended to compliment your yoga practice with an effective organic and healthy diet, in order to reap the maximum benefits.

Complete Detoxification By The Aid of Yoga

By the aid of the regular body stretching, yoga practice ensures complete blood circulation, throughout the body. As a result, the toxins are easily removed from every part of the body, ensuring the much desired nourishment for a healthy living; which is why, the yoga practitioners tend to enjoy a delayed ageing, relatively slower cognitive decline as well as tremendous energy.
Improve Your Concentration And Overcome Your Stress!

By ensuring that the yoga practitioner stays focused and concentrates on the demands of the body, yoga practice helps an individual, to stay calm and relaxed. Unlike the other form of intense physical exercises, yoga does not stimulate the body or mind excessively. As you breathe deeply, all the stresses are released ceaselessly, leaving you poised.

Apart from all these, regular yoga practice enhances the immunity power, heals the physical injuries and pains, relatively faster, enhances the sexual drive amongst the practitioner and ensures a complete uninterrupted sleep. As a result, even a basic practitioner can notice the changes in themselves as soon as they start practicing yoga for a few weeks.