Avartan Slider v1.1 – Meet the new element

Responsive WordPress Slider - Avartan Slider v1.1

At Solwin Infotech, we’ve launched Avartan Slider WordPress plugin on 2nd Oct, 2015. Since the launching we have received few suggestion via email and also on our support portal about how to setup Avartan for website. Good news is that, we have updated the documentation ready which describe all aspect of Avartan slider. Also our team have worked brain storm various ideas to enhance Avartan slider with more advance and easy to use features.

Avartan Slider leading new heights with this big updates – Added new element.

I am sure, your mind striking question, what is this “New Element” in Avartan slider as its already supports 3 elements Text, Image and video then what else remain ????

hmmm.., you are too much excited to know about 4th element.. !

WordPress continuously adding new things with every updates to make it better with advance features, Same way we are also upgrading Avartan slider with advance features as our team continuously exploring more concepts to implement. We were brainstorming on what more we can put on slide and how we can support other WordPress plugins with Avartan Slider.

If I am not wrong, then you are thinking of how Avartan Slider supports other WordPress plugins??

Yes, You are right. With new updates of Avartan Slider version 1.1 , we are introducing shortcode layer.

Wow! finally you got new element name and it’s shortcode layer.


This new shortcode element saves your time to showcase content on slider easily instead of adding number of static elements or custom code and CSS. There are numbers of purposes where you can use this new element like display forms, time and date counter, social media buttons, and shares, google map, feeds, comments, charts, events, newsletter & subscribe forms, and much more.

We have tested 100+ shortcode plugins with Avartan Slider, few of them are listed below :

  1. Contact Form 7 – To add Contact Form
  2. MailPoet Newsletters – To add Subscribe Form
  3. Events Manager – To show event calendar, event search, etc.
  4. Ninja Forms – To add frontend submission, contact and subscribe forms
  5. Social Media Feather – To show social media sharing and follow buttons
  6. OSD Social Media Sharing – To show social share buttons
  7. WP-Members – To display Login, Register and Forgot Password forms
  8. WP-Polls – To show polls
  9. WordPress Countdown Timer – To add countdown timer
  10. Standout CSS3 Buttons – To display CSS3 style buttons
  11. Visualizer: Charts and Graphs – To create, manage and embed interactive charts

We will keep testing more plugin’s shortcodes and expand the list.

(Note: Avartan Slider plugin is responsive but if your shortcode plugins not supporting responsiveness with that particular shortcode then that shortcode element will disturb responsiveness of that slide)

Avartan Slider Shortcode layer beyond text, image and video layers

We have also added some more features with this update

  • Video Settings improvements for iPad and Mobile view
  • Automatic Avartan Slider Plugin Update Notification
  • Improve GUI of Backend Panel

Want to buy Avartan Slider plugin with new updates? Click on below button:

Enhancement is never ending process, and we continuously upgrading our knowledge and products.

Last but not least, we will release next version of Avartan slider with more exciting and essential features for a modern website in next month aka December.

Subscribe with us for our next product updates and launch details. Feel free to contact us for your suggestions and valuable feedback.

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