Avartan Slider coming with Post Slider Support !!!

Avartan Post Slider

Hey, we are very happy to announce that Avartan Slider will support Post Slider with V1.7 now, which will be released on 5th April, 2017.

Yes, post slider which will give you platform to beautify your website by using your post.

So without wasting your time, let’s move on to post slider’s core features.

Avartan Slider supports Default (Choose post type one/multiple) and Specific Posts (post ids).

Default Posts:

  • All types of post will be supported (Post, Page, Custom Post type)
  • All types of categories, tags, taxonomy will be supported and add specific category/tag (or multiple categories/tags) of your choice.
Default Type Post Slider
Default Type Post Slider


Specific Posts:

  • When choosing “Specific Posts” you can enter specific Post ID’s to be used as the slider’s source
  • Post ID’s should be put as comma separator in specific post field.
Specific Type Post Slider
Specific Type Post Slider


Additional Features:

  • Sort your post by ID, title, slug, author, etc.
  • Display your post in Ascending or Descending order.
  • Limit the amount of posts that will get pulled into the slider.
  • You can set expert character limit globally for all post.
Additional Features
Additional Features


Now its easy to design slide for post slider. We have 10+ Default Presets to design your slide for post.

A “slide” for a Post-Based slider is a template that will be used for how your post’s content will be displayed. Only one template is required, meaning only one “slide” needs to be setup.

Post slide background options:

  • Feature image (will be changed as post change)
  • Custom image (will be same for all post slides)
  • Background video – YouTube/Vimeo/HTML5 (will be same for all post slides)
  • Solid background color (will be same for all post slides)
  • Gradient background color (will be same for all post slides)


Post Filtration Library:

Post Filter Library which will be categories by 4 parameters.


Post Filtration
Post Filtration
  • Post Data: Shortcode for basic post like content, post link, author name, post title, post format, etc.
  • Categories: Shortcode for post categories, tags and custom taxonomy, etc.
  • Date: Shortcode for post created date, updated date, full year, month name, short year, etc.
  • Image: Shortcode for post featured image original size, featured thumbnail image, featured medium image, etc.

Post Presets:

To make your work easy with selecting preset.

Post Presets
Post Presets

So, You can choose your favorite preset for post slider design and save it. Then you will get fantastic post slider without any slide design which will save your valuable time.

Avartan Slider is continuously updating new features with exciting advantages. So hurry up and Buy Avartan Slider for your website. Enjoy!

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