Live Updates

Avartan Slider Live Updates

Are you looking for how to update Avartan Slider? Its really easy. We would like to suggest you 2 step to complete your Avartan Slider updates within 2-3 minutes.

1. Get Notification for update & Check change log

Once new update released, you will get notification to update your slider with new latest version.

Avartan Slider Update Notification
Avartan Slider Update Notification

Click on VIEW CHANGE LOG to view new updates or benefits.

2. Update Avartan Slider From plugin list page

Once you get notification of new updates, you can update Avartan Slider easily from plugin list page.

You can get benefit of Auto update Avartan Slider if you have purchased license code.

Update Avartan Slider
Update Avartan Slider

Now you need to click on update now link and your Auto Update Avartan Slider with new version will be complete in next 2 minutes.

Its an easy to update Avartan Slider, right? If you want to enable your Auto Update feature for getting update then you need to purchase license code for the same.


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